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Apple IMac Common Repairs:

IMac Broken Glass and Screen Issues 

One of the most common issues with the IMac computers is screen issue. The outer glass might brake due to an accident or you might see vertical or horizontal lines on the screen which is due to faulty screen. The outer glass on older models of IMac are replaceable but for the new slim models the glass is a part of the screen panel and to get it repaired whole screen panel has to be changed.

IMac LogicBoard and Graphics Issues

Logic board is the main part of the all IMac computers. Processor is installed on and Graphics chip is aparts of it or attached to it. Any fault on the logic board including graphics and power-on issues will cause the machine to malfunction. The replacement logicboard for IMacs is expensive so the repair service is a reasonable solution for it. 

Mac OS and Hard Drive Issues

Hard Drives are the main storage for Apple IMac Computers and all the data and Mac OS are stored on it. Any damage to the HDD may lead to malfunctioning or causing the machine to work very slow. OS issues may happen when the machine hasn't been turned off properly or due to a power cut.

IMac Overheating & Fan Issues

As the IMac computes get older the cooling system may be blocked by dust or the fan become noisy and inefficient to the point that it won't be able to take the heat off the machine properly. This simple issue may lead to very serious problems such as graphics or processor failure so it's important to be sorted out as soon as possible.

IMac Memory Issue and Upgrades

The memory issue is another problem you might face on your IMac. it's not common to get this problem but as an electronic component it might fail at any time. You might also want to upgrade your memory on older models to get the latest OS or make the machine work faster. We offer memory upgrade and memory replacement for IMac machines.

IMac Optical Drive Issue and Upgrades

If you still use the optical drive on your IMac computer and you have issue that your optical drive doesn't read some CD or DVDs or it won't take the Disks anymore we can install a new optical drive on your machine. we also can replace your optical drive with the secondary HDD or SSD drive to give a boost on speed or increase the storage space on your IMac.

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