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Apple MacBook Air Common Repairs:

broken MacBook air screen

MacBook Air Screen Problems

Apple Laptops usually have high quality screens and the replacement for them needs good knowledge in computer repairs. Royal computer offers screen replacement for all Apple Mac Laptop, IMac Desktops and Apple IPad tablets.

liquid damage MacBook air

MacBook Liquid Spillage Problem

After broken screen the Liquid Spillage is most common issue on MacBook Air laptops. 

The Keyboard on the MacBook air is so sensitive about the liquid and usually after a drop of liquid  it will stop working. If you are unlucky the logicboard might get damage from liquid. 

We recommend to turn off the machine immediately after liquid spillage and take it for repair before it's too late.

faulty logicboard MacBook air

MacBook Air Logic Board Problem

Logic board is the main part of the all Mac laptops. Processor and Graphics chip are parts of it any fault on the logic board including graphics and power-on issues will cause the machine to malfunction. The replacement logicboard for MacBook Air laptops is expensive so the repair service is a reasonable solution for it. 

MacBook air SSD and software problem

Mac OS and SSD Drive Issues

SSD Drive is the main storage for Apple MacBook air laptops (except the original MacBook air 13") and all the data and Mac OS are stored on it. Any damage to the SSD may lead to malfunctioning or causing the machine to work very slow. OS issues may happen when the laptop hasn't been turned off properly or if the OS hasn't been updated properly.

MacBook air keyboard and trackpad issue

MacBook Air Keyboard, TrackPad Issue

The keyboard and track pad are input devices to the MacBook Air Laptops and any fault on them will have an impact on the usability of the computer. The keyboard usually gets damaged from the liquid or improper clean up. Liquid spillage or bend  on top casing due to an accident or drop may also lead to the fault on the trackpad.  

macbook air overheating issue

MacBook Air Overheating & Fan Issues

As the MacBook Air laptops get older the cooling system may be blocked by dust or the fan become noisy and inefficient to the point that it won't be able to take the heat off the machine properly. This simple issue may lead to very serious problems such as graphics or processor failure so it's important to be sorted out as soon as possible.

MacBook Air faulty battery

MacBook Air Battery Issue

The battery on MacBook Air laptops has a limited lifetime and after that your laptop will keep less charge and you will start getting the messages like replace soon, replace now or service battery. Usually after 3 years you need to replace the battery but some other factors may effect the life of the battery. It's not possible to replace the battery on MacBook air laptops without opening it.

Quick Quote

Our Mac Repair Prices

  Logic Board & Liquid:
Liquid repair : From £140
Logic board repair: From £135
Graphics repair: From £135
MacBook Air Screen *: 
13" 2008 & 2009: N/A
13" 2010 - 2015: £399

11" 2011 - 2015: £249
Keyboard & Track pad:
Keyboard: £99 - £119

Track pad: £69 - £99
Fan & Overheating:
Fan Service: £49 - £69

Fan Replacement: £69 - £89


Please request a quick quote or call for other faults.
* Macbook air pirce list is for fitting top assembly.
For top panel replacement please request a quote